I started this blog for many reasons, one is that I see a hole in the ukulele community that I think I can fill. The main problem is that many sites review ukuleles, but they are not ones that are really available to the masses. I think that stinks! I want to read about things that I can actually afford, or how to stretch my ukulele dollar. I don’t know about you but I am limited to how much I can spend at any given time on such things as ukuleles. If I get my hands an a nice ukulele I will review it, but that will not be my main goal. Honestly many ukes under  $100 are really nice with some work.

About me:
I have been playing guitar for about 15 years now and one day I saw a ukulele in a guitar shop here in Normal, IL and bought it so I could be a hula girl for halloween, one thing leads to another and now I play more ukulele than guitar. I am really into the things that make an instrument sound good and I am always fiddling with my instruments to make them better, in this I have found that the price does not matter always. You can get a nice instument and make it better, and in the proccess make it yours. I hope I can bring this to this blog and share my stories (good and bad).

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