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  1. NAMM 2012 Wrap-up


    January 24, 2012 by Tim

    As I sit here on the last day of the winter NAMM 2012 show trying to make sure I have …
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  2. Chords4Uke iPhone App Review


    March 15, 2011 by Tim

    A few weeks a go Calven Eggert of Mulva and Gipple contacted me about a free (Yes as cheap as free) app for the iPhone …
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  3. Big Island Ukulele Co. KT-SP Full Review


    September 3, 2010 by Tim

    Reality is that this is one of those opportunities that I could not pass up. This is the ukulele that I received at NAMM this summer. I don’t think Jorma thought I was serious at first when I first talked to him. He let me play some of his ukes that were on display, but you really can’t hear them on the noisy floor of the convention center. I asked if he would possibly let me review his least expensive model. He said he needed to think about it and for me to come back in a few hours, I did. He then still needed to think and he wanted me to come back just before the hall closed for the night, I think he thought I would forget or not be able to find him again, but I did. He then pulled out a beautiful uke from a box and handed it to me. Over 2 month later I am ready to review it.

  4. Koloa KU-600/ Silver Creek Soprano Full Review


    May 10, 2010 by Tim

    I am perplexed by this ukulele. first of all it goes by two names, Koloa KU-600 and Silver Creek soprano. Why? I have no clue, but they are the exact same instrument. Either way this is a review for both. (Side note: if it is a Silver Creek, it is one of The Music Link’s brands)

    The other part that I struggle with is the overwhelming feeling that I should really like this ukulele. It is solid wood, super high gloss, looks like the tuners are high end, and is sturdy as a rock. So why am I not in love?

  5. Papas Boxes Concert Build


    December 4, 2009 by Tim

    A month or so ago the kind folks at Papas Boxes sent me an e-mail saying that they were back to taking orders again. On a whim I e-mailed them and told them about my blog and they responded really quickly and asked what size, I went with concert. Not very many people have seen the soprano cigar box ukulele that I made 2 years ago, but I found the kit on EBay and it was basically a fret board, rough neck, floating bridge, and zither pins for tuning, Very basic and well-made kit. It played ok and the tuning was a little hard to do, so I bought the tuner kit and also replaced the bridge that came with it with a Grover 4 string banjo bridge. Now it plays really well and is a ton of fun. That is one of the best things about the kit. You can either put it together and play, or keep changing it and adjusting it until it is what you want.

  6. Really cool Tuners

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    June 4, 2009 by Tim

    I personally like friction tuners, geared seems like cheating 🙂 But if I ever did want to replace my friction …
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