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  1. Ukulele Fight Club Stickers


    October 10, 2015 by Tim

    Had a crazy idea after Ukin’ in the woods. I was asked to reproduce a sticker of a fist holding …
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  2. Fleamarket Ukulele rebuild


    October 3, 2010 by Tim

    Some would say there is a special place in hell for what I did to this uke. The first rule when finding a vintage ukulele is to never, I mean never ever strip the original finish off. So I did it anyways. In my defense the name on the head was gone, head was torn, and the tuning pegs were shot. Not to mention that there was no bridge or tailpiece.

    So here is the list of what I did:

  3. Oscar Schmidt OU-2 Deal $49.99 Shipped

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    November 6, 2009 by Tim

    So….I gat an e-mail from JR.com about black friday deals. I guess they are doing “deals” on every Friday of Novemeber. Well today they happen to have a ukulele. This is a place where I buy a lot of my electronics, but hey its a pretty good price.

  4. Ukuleles on the Cheap

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    August 4, 2009 by Tim

    As we all know we can find inexpensive ukes on Ebay, but there are many more places to find great deals! You just have to know where to go and sometimes who to ask.

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