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September 5, 2009 by Tim

Papa (AKA: Bill Moore) is back!!!

 You don’t know who he is?

Well, I believe he is the best cigar box ukulele kit makers and after about a year or so of not selling his ukes and his kits he is back, and by back I mean back in full force.

My Papas Boxes Soprano with optional Tuners

My Papas Boxes Soprano with optional geared tuners

I bought one of his kits from eBay (He does not sell there any more, just his site) about a year and a half ago. I found a nice cigar box at a flea market and away I went to building my first cigar box ukulele. It went really well, it was very easy and it came with great directions. The things sounds so good.

The funny part and a warning for all before building one. When I finished my uke I was looking to build another and I had been searching for more cigar boxes to make them and I came across one just like mine, but in worse condition. The cigar box was going for $300. I was like “CRAP”. I learned that is better to figure out if you have a collectable cigar box before cutting, drilling and gluing it to make a ukulele out of it. cool part is I paid $5 for the cigar box. Please keep in mind that he has changed the kit, they are really nice looking now. Mine was one of his first kits.

I recommend the kits and I am hoping to get another one so I can write about it and share my experience with all of you. More than likely the concert, but this time with a less valuable cigar box.

Head on over and check out the site. plenty of videos up and you can buy the kits for all 3 main sizes of ukuleles or make a banjo. He also has finished ukes already made starting at $170 (If you don’t have the tools or time this is the way to go)

Clcik to Go to the site

Click to Go to the site

They Sent me a Kit click HERE to go to the first build post!

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