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February 2, 2010 by Tim

Funny story; I went to the 1st Annual Milwaukee Ukulele Festival last September and as most know that is where Rev lives. Lil Rev and the awesome Milwaukee Ukulele Club put together an amazing festival. I met so many people and reconnected with a million more. I actually sat and talked with most of the artists that performed. While I was there I was handing out these little promo things with my site on it (Gotta plug the site when you can) But before I would even think about handing them out I had to make sure that Rev said it was OK. So I corner him, he was running like a mad man, and asked him about the swag I wanted to give out. Luckily he thought it was great and I was on my way. A few hours later Lil rev finds me and hands me his new CD and asks me to review it. Now why did it take me so long to review it?

I lost it, thought it was in the trunk of my car. Looked everywhere and I thought that maybe the car ate it and it was getting dark. Life happened and I totally forgot about it until I was looking for a one of my electric tuners and I ran across the CD, never found the tuner. And the long of it is what brings me here.

The Review

Drop Baby Drop By Lil' Rev

Click Here to listen to samples on Amazon

The best way to describe the album is written on the back:

“Drop Baby Drop is an enchanting collection of rare blues, rooted originals, novelty, old time country, and rusty old tin-pan alley classics performed on concert, tenor, baritone, banjo, and resonator ukuleles by award-winning Uke master Lil Rev”

It is true that it has all that, but to me this album is a must if you play ukulele. I play more recent songs from the Beatles and maybe throw in a little AC/DC, but I also find myself playing a lot of the songs like the ones on this CD. This CD is a great collection of songs to really learn from. I can’t read music to save my soul so I listen to others play and use it to get the melody, rhythm, and lyrics for when I try to play the songs.

In the course of listening to the CD at least 100 times, since I found it again, I have found a few things that I would improve on. The recording quality is lacking a little, you can tell that it was recorded in a home studio. It might have been intentional to make the vocals and some of the instruments seem like they are far from the microphone or made to sound old. I think it might of needed some more mixing to balance vocals and instruments. The other issue is use of echo on almost every vocal makes it seem faked big room. Just record in a bathroom and it will come across more natural. Please don’t get me wrong these are things to be expected from an independant CD.

All in all this is a must have for any ukulele lover. Each song leads right to the next. I never find myself skipping to other songs in the album. I just put it in, crank it up, and sing a long. Also if you ever have seen Lil’ Rev play live this will bring back all those memories.

Go Buy it NOW!!!1

Amazon MP3 $8.99

Amazon CD $18.99

Elderly CD $14.95

2 thoughts on “Lil’ Rev Drop Baby Drop CD

  1. Jim says:

    Attended your in store concert at Elderlys Instruments in Lansing MI, enjoyed it very much, bought your cd and now am playing your version of Drop Baby Drop. Had the music but just did not know how it sounded, thanks to you it is one of my favorite tunes. Keep up your good work. Jim

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