Happy Play your Ukulele Day


May 2, 2010 by Tim

I think is is appropriate that May 2 is the day that everyone who has a ukulele, less it be a $2 one to a $10,000 jewel of a ukulele, play it and spread the ukulele love.  So as one uke player to all the rest, HAPPY PLAY YOUR UKULELE DAY!!!!

One question, why are so many people saying National Play Your Ukulele day? Shouldn’t it be International Play Your Ukulele Day?

Some links that I liked on the subject:
Blog post from Pam
Cool Song on Youtube

6 thoughts on “Happy Play your Ukulele Day

  1. Dag says:

    Been playing on and off all day. Didn’t know today was that special. Here’s a song for everyone… and it is a classic!

    “I’m Only Sleeping” by The Beatles

    [Bm]When I wake up early in the [Em7]morning,
    [D]I lift my [G]head, [D]I’m still [A7]yawning
    [Bm]When I’m in the middle of a [Em7]dream
    [D]Stay in [G]bed, [D]float up [A]stream
    [Em7] [D]Please don’t wake me, [Em7]no don’t shake me
    [A]Leave me where I [Em7]am, [Bm]I’m only sleeping

    [Bm]Everybody seems to think [Em7]I’m lazy
    [D]I don’t [G]mind, [D]I think they’re [A]crazy
    [Bm]Running everywhere at such [Em7]a speed
    [D]Till they [G]find, [D]there’s no [A]need
    [D]Please don’t spoil my [Em7]day
    I’m miles [A]away, and after [Em7]all I’m only [Bm]sleeping

    [Em7]Keeping an eye on the [G]world going by my [E]window
    Taking my time

    [Bm]Lying there and staring at the [Em7]ceiling
    [D]Waiting [G]for a [D]sleepy [A]feeling [Em7]
    [D]Please don’t spoil my [Em7]day
    I’m miles [A]away, and after [Em7]all
    I’m only [Bm]sleeping

  2. Eric Stetson says:

    I played a gig this morning where a bunch of pet dogs and cats were receiving a “blessing of the animals” – I played on my Pono concert mango to Cat Stevens’ “I Love My Dog”, and some of the dogs started singing along at appropriate times!

  3. Alan Prudhoe says:

    Don’t think I have missed a day since I bought my first uke in 2009.

  4. ukulelekuhi says:

    Should pay homage to “Ukevember” 🙂 See my blog 🙂

  5. Cat says:

    Will this be an annual observance? This is the first time I have ever heard of it, but it sounds like a fun way to promote uke-awareness!

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