Gold Tone GU-100 Full Review


October 21, 2010 by Tim

This is short because I was just like “Meh” about this uke. I just could not get excited about it. Gold Tone is known for making the premiere banjo uke, This is not their strongest product, It was the only one under $300 they make. I know that I am not going to be invited to do another review for them anytime soon either after this. But this is what I thought. I struggle with reviews like this, but if a company is willing to send something then I should be honest.

Soprano : 12 Fret
Tuners: Open Geared
Wood nut & compensated saddle
Top: Solid Mahogany
Sides: Laminated Mahogany
Back: Laminated Mahogany
Neck: Mahogany with a Mahogany fretboard
Finish: Matte
Case: Hard case
Full Specs:


First look: (3) Not a looker by any means. Looks like a cheaper ukulele. Just a flat finish. that really does not show any grain pattern at all. I would pass it by if I saw it in a store. The top is really thick and is noticeable at first glance.

Fit and Finish: (3) Well made with no real issues that affect playing. They did sand down the fret board a little when they dressed the frets. beside that no glue marks. Over all it is well made and sturdy, I know it would last a really long time, it just looks cheap. Seems like a quick factory built uke that is set up in the states.


Sound Type: Quiet and mellow. With a really thick top it hinders the sound output.

Intonation: (5) This is where I think it really shines. Someone took the time to make a bridge and saddle that made each string perfect all the way up and down the fretboard. The saddle was set for each string.

Volume: (3) It came with some GHS strings on it and I replaced them with Aquilas and it was still pretty quiet. Although it has a solid top, it is really thick.

Sustain: (4)  Not long, but ok. Nothing to write home about


String Height: (Medium) Not super low, but felt ok to play.

Neck Radius Depth: (7/8″) A little bigger radius depth for a C shaped neck.

Frets: (5) Low and rounded. Near the nut they sanded down the fret board a little. just a sign of an inexperienced tech, or someone did not care. Could not feel them from the side which is good.

Tuning: (5) With the geared tuners it makes it very easy to tune. It stayed in tune pretty well after it was humidified properly and the strings settled.

Comfort: (4)  A little heavy but the corners are nice and rounded. No sharp edges.

Sound Hole Smell: Like Elmer’s glue. nothing inspiring

Final Thoughts

When I saw the uke at NAMM I thought it would be a good instrument, hell it is made by Gold Tone. But I guess they just don’t have this one dialed in or it is there to round out the catalog.

All Rating on a scale of 1-5
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First Look 3
Fit and Finish 3
Sound Type Quiet and mellow
Intonation 5
Volume 3
Sustain 4
String Height Medium
Neck Radius Depth 7/8″
Frets 5
Tuning 5
Comfort 4
Sound Hole Smell Elmer’ glue

HD Sound Sample

Places to buy on the web:

Amazon $179 – It says concert, but it is the only one I found. The GU-100 is a soprano.


3 thoughts on “Gold Tone GU-100 Full Review

  1. I’ve played them at a local music store and I felt the same way about them you did. Expensive cheapies…..

  2. i’m currently in the process of reading up on, and trying to get my hands on different ukes in order to make my decision on my next investment in a uke – probably in the 300 range, soprano.
    these reviews are quite helpful in not wasting my time in seeking out a store that carries them in order to hear how they sound. you have a great job having all these ukes to play after reviewing them. even the poorer ones!!

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