First Double Ukulele Hard Case


October 26, 2010 by Tim

I made my first real hard case for a ukulele, actually I made it for 2 ukes! Why make your first one easy right?
I will explain the pictures and what are in them, I don’t plan on posting a how-to on it just yet, I would like to make a few more. For my first case I am pleased though.
Here is the front with it standing on its back-end. As you can see I used regular latches and a handle from Menards.
The fabric is a canvas with plastic leather corners to hide the seams.
The back and the front are the same except there are metal feet on the back.
Closer look at materials. Brass hinge with more metal feet to keep it off the ground. As you can see the corner is wrapped and I did not bother to match-up the fabric from the top to the bottom.
Here it is empty. As Amy said last night “It looks like a case that Prince would use”
dimensions and Stuff:
19.5″ X 25.5″ X 5″
18 LB
Holds 2 concert ukuleles
cost roughly $80
took 25 hours to build


6 thoughts on “First Double Ukulele Hard Case

  1. Whoops…. 18 lbs. Should have read closer.

    • Tim says:

      I know, It is heavy. I am looking for lighter materials like birch plywood. I used 1X6 and 1/8 MDF for this one. Just a noob mistake on not thinking about weight. Next one will be way lighter, I hope

  2. Brett McQueen says:

    This is a really clever idea and it looks great! I like how unsuspecting it is too. I would never guess there are a couple high value items in there. It might be a little bit on the heavy side but at least you know your ukes are going to be protected. I’d rather have heavier materials and know if this case ever took a spill down a flight of stairs it wouldn’t bust open. Clearly, this shouldn’t happen often though 🙂

  3. […] Here is the first one I made: Double Concert Case […]

  4. Ben says:

    I love the concept of this case – double uke, hard shell. I’ve often wondered why there weren’t any like this available. I also saw the double tenor case, but I think I like this setup better. I don’t travel with a uke unless it’s to local groups so I’m not too worried about the airline carryon rules.

    Great job!

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