Banjo Ukulele Week Kick-off


April 17, 2011 by Tim

Welcome to Banjo Uke week!!!
Doing it a little different for this post, it is all video.


Anatomy of a Banjo Ukulele

Deering Banjo Video

Keep checking in everyday this week for more banjo uke fun.
This week I will be reviewing:
Eddy Finn Soprano
Lanikai Soprano
Mainland Concert
Lanikai Concert Resonator
Gold Tone concert Banjolele
Fleamarket Music Firefly (Fluke banjo uke)


10 thoughts on “Banjo Ukulele Week Kick-off

  1. Chris Blood says:

    Great job putting this together! As you know I just recently purchased a banjo uke and I am new to all this. I’ve already learned a few things from your videos today. Looking forward to the rest of the videos this week.

  2. ThomasGC says:

    This is very timely for me. I’m new to the uke, having bought my first in August 2010, an Ohana soprano. I really like the banjo sound and am seriously considering a banjo uke as my next purchase.

    Lots of useful information here. Thanks. Looking forward to the rest of your banjo uke week posts.

  3. Dennis Dolan says:

    Nice contribution,Tim.

    I just got a banjo uke from a small banjo maker. I like it. It’s in the $500 range but to find a comparable banjo uke is $1200 from what I can see. Check out George Banjos on the net. Like to get your input on it.

    Again, thanks for your work here!


  4. Joni says:

    Can’t wait to hear what you think about the Mainland banjo uke! I LOVE mine! It’s better than diamonds, if you ask me.

  5. 5ecular4umanist says:

    All the banjo ukes I’ve seen are soprano size. Is there any reason why a tenor size could not be built? I ask because my next uke will probably be a tenor, since I have difficulty with some chords on my soprano. It would be great if you could include some mention of the size of the available banjo ukes. Thanks.

    • Tim says:

      I have 3 soprano (Lankai, Eddy Fin, and Firefly) but the others are concert. I know there are tenor ones being made. I know Gold Tone makes all sizes currently (Soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone) just to name one company.

    • Donald Doss says:

      If you want something larger, you could get a tenor banjo(4 strings) and tune it as a ukulele.

      • 5ecular4umanist says:

        Thanks Tim & Douglas. I had a look at the Gold Tone website. Their tenor banjo uke looks nice. Standard tuning is DGBE but they can supply with GCEA if requested. I wonder whether Tim could include some info on the the alternative tunings of banjo ukes in this week’s video set.

  6. ukechat says:

    Awesome job, Tim! We’ll talk us some banjo ukes together on uke chat soon! Thanks for this!

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