WINNER of the Eddy Finn Banjo Uke


April 22, 2011 by Tim

Look how Happy Jeff is!!

You didn’t know I was running a contest?
So you know, I am always running a contest and just like Joyce, who won the Luna last Novemeber, Jeff of Nashville, TN won the Eddy Finn uke I reviewed for being the 700th comment on

From Jeffs e-mail “THIS IS AWESOME! I was in the win an Eddy Finn from Mim contest. I didn’t win that one… Thank you so much Tim, and Eddy Finn!”

Thank you Eddy Finn for letting me give this uke away during Banjo Uke week, Jeff was very excited!


3 thoughts on “WINNER of the Eddy Finn Banjo Uke

  1. Jeffery Smith says:

    Nah, I was not that excited at all , trust me, it’s not that big of a deal… WWWOOOOHOOOO! *Happy Dance* Fantastic! I would like to thank Eddy Finn ukuleles, and of course Tim for being a slightly bigger ukulele fan than me. Will inform, and even SURPRISE you! Hope to see you all at UWC 2011! … I am lonerhino on UU, Friend me! Thanks again Tim!

  2. Chris Blood says:

    Cool! Congrats Jeff!

  3. John Anthony Martin says:


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