Mighty MO Uke Fest Recap


May 16, 2011 by Tim

I got home at 4:30 am today, and it took me until now to be able to sit down and write this. I was beat after such a great event.
For those who are confused; The first annual (At least I hope it happens again) Mighty MO Uke fest happened this past weekend in New Have, MO. Not a huge turn out, 40 people for the work shops and then a bunch for the open mic on friday and then concert Saturday. I did not get a lot of pictures. I was just having too much fun, sorry.

When I pulled up I had no idea what to expect. the area looked like a ghost town next to the river, very rustic. Hell my phone did not work unless I went next to the river and stood on a park bench and even then it was hit or miss.

Boat Paddle wall of ukes and a mandolinNew model. No official Name. Look at the 5 string Tenor. LOVED it

It started out slow with a few people showing up at 12 on friday and our first workshop was under way. Jerry, of Boat Paddle ukes, had us come by his shop to talk about what to look for in a ukulele and showed us a good one and one that had issues. It was awesome being able to talk to someone who really studies and understands about every little detail that makes up a good instrument.

From there it was a crazy ride of jamming and talking, eating and open mics and workshops. The one thing I really dug was the fact that we were given time to just hang out and jam as we pleased. Maybe next year they will have more rooms done in the Riverfront Cultural Society area for a “Jamming” area when you don’t want to learn mouth trumpet (Been to it 2 other times with Victoria, figured 3rd time would really kill my skills)

The people who put it on really did an amazing job of making it really laid back and fun. never felt like I had to be anywhere at any time, except for the 3 meals, but really that was pretty relaxed also.

Jamming with some uke peeps

I met a tone of people and had a really great time.

Tom and David of Flea Bitten Dawgs

Lisa with her Firefly

The concert was fun. We learned who won the different silent auctions, Lisa from Florida won the Firefly. Victora stole it and played a song. Also the St. Louis Ukulele Fight Club did a set, along with the Flea Bitten Dawgs performed. all in all it was so much fun.

Victroia Vox Playing Lisa's Firefly


11 thoughts on “Mighty MO Uke Fest Recap

  1. Richard says:

    Darn! Wish I would have known about this. I live outside of Lawrence, KS and would have made the trip. There is a huge uke community in KC. You might suggest to the Mighty Mo. folks that they should let the KC Ukesters know about it next year.

  2. Chuck says:

    I was lucky enough to attend, and loved the laid back feel. My favorite act was the Flea Bitten Dawgs. The fact that the main stage was also devoted to open mic is a great feature. I have been to some ukulele festivals where open mic is off to the side, and treated like a red headed stepchild. The open mic at the Mighty Mo showed off some great talents, and I was honored to hear them share their music.

    • Tim Szerlong says:

      It was awesome to hear you sing. I always love to hear others play. we are not pros and that is what makes it so much fun.

      • Brad says:

        Both of you guys were great. It was just a wild variety of music at the open mic!

        I figure if Tim and Michelle (the tenters) had a good time with the lousy weather, it must have been good.

        In addition to what you two have said, I enjoyed the fact that the venue is such a draw for local people and we apparently had quite a few on Saturday. (Notwithstanding the loud ladies on Friday!)

  3. Michael says:

    Sounds amazing, wish I could have been there

  4. ukulefty says:

    Looks like you all had a great time!!

  5. Several from our club will be there next year- if it happens again. Schedule conflicys this year.

  6. Kent says:

    I too wish I could have made it, although one of the KC Ukesters did turn me onto this site, so at least it has benefited me in someway, just wish I knew about it during Banjo Uke Week. Keep up the good work and hopefully see you in New Haven next year.

  7. Janelle says:

    Nice to hear all the good comments and recap. As one of the organizers of the event, I can say that we all had a good time too!

  8. Donald Doss says:

    I though I was in ukulele limbo down here in SW Missouri. Nice to know that there others in the midwest. If this becomes an annual event, I might have to start planning a trip.

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