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June 16, 2011 by Tim

I need people to like me more, At this point I need 12 people to like me to get me to 25 so I can have a vanity address to get here, but I would like more, so I can really spread the uke love
Here is what I am going to do. I have 3 ukes to give away.
A lanikai Banjo resonator, and 2 Tall grass ukes.
Write a ukulele poem and post it on the Facebook page. I will give the ukes away by random draw.
Contest ends July 1, 2011
Link to the page to like me, and submit poem here too


14 thoughts on “Like on Facebook Contest

  1. Very tempting, but alas I try dodge Facebook. We’ll see if this contest can change my mind on that place.

  2. Kawatapurangi says:

    Your trying to hard to find some love on that site!! =D just be content in what you have and the rest will follow

  3. I got this cool friend named Tim,
    He’s awesome and quite full of Win,
    Ukeeku dot com
    Is the site that he’s on
    Would a banjo for me be a sin?

  4. Four strings and a vibe
    Music makes people connect
    Three cheers for the uke

  5. Zac Pelo says:

    I strum four strings simultaneously
    Patina stains the goat skin head
    The crowd applauds and is pleased
    This life couldn’t be easier

  6. John Lee says:

    To Uke or not to Uke
    Not even a question
    To string it along
    and sing not the song
    Would leave us no laurels to rest on

  7. Tim says:

    I already liked ya. so not much more I can do on that front., I did wear your shirt to the pool hall tonight. Got beat up 5 times.. Won’t do that again. 😉

  8. Dennis says:

    I really want a tall grass uke
    Want so much it makes me puke.
    Bamboo is hot
    Bamboo ukes, not
    Makes me wonder, what, what what?
    The fretboard is of rosewood,
    I’d take it if I could.
    With saddle high,
    And tank-like build,
    I think it’s really good.
    The tallgrass is a winner uke
    And Uke-eku’s no sinner
    Although he made a simple wish.
    That bamboo wood was thinner.
    So, maybe then, a reso uke
    With banjo-sound a-ringing.
    Would make a sound that’s loud enough
    So all can hear my swinging.
    Uke-eku has final thoughts
    About this La-ni-kai
    He thinks it is beauteous
    But the weight’s too high.
    In summ’ry then
    Here’s what I say
    Please send uke
    Without delay.

  9. Mike says:

    I’m lousy at poetry, but I’ll like you on Facebook anyway! (When I get home, that is. Facebook is blocked on our office system.)

  10. Ralf Youtz says:

    There once was a comet called Hailey
    which travelled through outer space daily.
    Between planets it’s cold,
    so when asked, Hailey told,
    “I wish that I had a ukulele.”
    Way to get the uke-poetry flowing, TIm. Great stuff, everyone!!

  11. Dolly says:

    Hey George, teach me to play,
    So I might be as good as you one day,
    Strum away and I’ll watch you play,
    So I might be as good as you one day.

    From a devoted George Formby Fan.

  12. kingkahnv says:

    i wish i could write a poem
    to win this uke
    i wish i had some talent
    to play like the duke
    i wish i could win this competition
    but that’s unlikely , beacuase this peom is puke

  13. Tim says:

    “Soprano, Concert, Tenor or Bari
    Size and sound and Feel, they vary.
    But the endearing offspring of the Portuguese Braguinha,
    can bring out the joy that lies buried within ya”

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