Ukeeku’s Custom 5-String Concert Boat Paddle Uke


September 27, 2011 by Tim

It has been a while since I posted, Life and a new kitchen kind of got in the way, but I am back and I have a new ukulele that I own, sorry I will not be giving this one away any time soon.

In a nutshell I had Jerry of Boat Paddle ukes build me one of his new 12 Frets with some upgrades. I am lucky that I live only 3.5 hours away, so taking a day trip to his shop was not a big deal, and it was worth the trip. I was able to sit down with him and Thom, of the Flea Bitten Dawgs, to talk about what I wanted and what I wanted it to sound like. Jerry showed me a ton of samples and we thumped some wood. the Spruce just rang like a bell. I also gave him my logo to put on it and left it up to him to inlay it, I had a general location, but he sized it to look good. I also really like the thumb nail fret markers on a few other ukes he had pictures of so I went with those. Beyond that I contacted Mi-Si and PegHed to get those, Jerry can get them also, I just wanted to use this opportunity to review those awesome products to and see if I could work out a deal with them on those parts.

I think I calculated the price of the uke would be around $1200 (Keep in mind the pickup alone is $350)
In the near future I will be doing 3 separate reviews for this ukulele. The Uke itself, the pickup, and the PegHed Tuners. Give me about 3 months to really play it and digest what I have done.
But expect that if you see me at a ukulele event I will have it and you are more than welcome to play it.

Concert : 12 Fret
Tuners: PegHed with Ebony buttons
Nut & saddle: Bone and metal nut, Bone saddle
Top: Solid  Sitka Spruce
Sides: Solid Walnut
Back: Solid Walnut
Neck: Walnut
String Attachment: Tied
Pickup: Mi-Si Cutless
Finish: Satin
Case: Fremont Tweed
Full Specs:

Below is a gallery of the pics and two videos.

Little video show and tell

Me playing it a little


4 thoughts on “Ukeeku’s Custom 5-String Concert Boat Paddle Uke

  1. joedanboyd says:

    Looks & sounds very nice. Can’t wait for the details.

  2. Sounds great. I saw you with them in Milwaukee, but didn’t get close enough to see it was a new one. I was however tempted to go up and ask “so what’d ya pay for this? Fifty bucks?” haha! I was tempted by Boat Paddle in Milwaukee, but was able to come home unscathed. Also, thanks for your sponsorship/support of the Milwaukee Uke Fest. They put on their best one yet.

    • Tim says:

      This is a note to all. if you see me, please come and talk to me. you are welcome to play any uke I have with me.
      I only bite a little, it is more of a play bite. I really need to break myself of that.
      I guess I am saying, carry a rolled up newspaper when you come and talk to me

  3. Sounds and looks great!

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