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December 2, 2011 by Tim

It is rare that I will write something like this, but I felt that I should get the word out about this really great ukulele chord chart that just came out.

I was approached to critique this a few weeks ago, and I had just a few small things, and I checked it for mistakes (I think I missed one, but not an issue, it is was found before it went to production) When I saw it I was blown away by how it was laid out. The front has all the chords first positions and the back has a great fretboard map, a basic key helper that I really love since it makes it super easy to change keys. It does not have all the chords in a key, but it is still really awesome. Also it has a little section of all the chords you should just know.

Some people said that they are sad that it does not have second or 3rd positions on it, but I say “Stop being lazy, there is a fretboard map, Figure it out”

The great thing about this is that although he is selling it super cheap, there is also a free PDF of it. How cool is that?

For your $4.95 (shipped) copy you get a professionally printed, laminated, and folded Ukulele Chord Chart. I would be carrying a dry erase marker so you can mark up the fretboard map with the other chord positions.

Get yours TODAY:


12 thoughts on “UkuleleChordChart.Com Chord Chart

  1. Tim Clark says:

    I ordered two in case I ever discover I have a loved one… Thanks for the tip.

  2. julian faulkner says:

    A rather shameless plug by a blog I previously held in high esteem. What’s worse it’s one of maybe three posts in months. If you’re done with writing about ukuleles, you should just say so. The internet is already far too polluted to handle more garbage like this.

    • Tim says:

      I will say that yes, I am getting 2 free copies for helping look it over before it went to production, but I do feel this this is really cool and valuable tool. thank you for commenting and congrats on being my first real negeative comment.

      • UncleElvis says:

        Yeah, man… I’m so disappointed by this. I mean, you’re obviously being paid an enormous amount of money for these FREE PRINTOUTS, you corporate shill, you!

        How DARE you impugn the name of bloggers everywhere by helping out someone that’s producing something that actually might help ukulele players, ESPECIALLY on a ukulele blog!

        And how DARE you not post in months! Don’t you know you owe us, your readers? YOU BASTARD! I don’t care that this blog is paid for by you, out of pocket, at a loss, and you put it up for free. HOW DARE YOU, SIR? HOW DARE YOU? Shame!

  3. Patrick Boyer says:

    Julian, Julian, maybe just a little harsh for the Christmas season?

  4. Tom M. says:

    Look at 12th fret, 3rd string….it should be “C” not “D flat.”

  5. Tom M. says:

    That’s on the “Individual Notes” chart that the 12th fret, 3rd string should be “C”
    not “D flat.”

  6. Tom M. says:

    Really a nice set up on the chord chart though. THANKS!

  7. Katie Smith says:

    Awesome. I just clicked and clicked and now I’ll be watching the for the mail. Thanks.

  8. dktoller says:

    [shakes head]… Thanks for the heads-up on this one Tim.
    I always love to hear about free stuff.

  9. Bill says:

    Looks like you dont want to sell it outside of your country, pal
    paypal doesnt work and your address fields are only for the states
    Be happy with just selling at home

    • Fred says:


      Sorry for that but the initial version was larger and we could not ship internationally for the $4.95 price with free shipping and we want to keep the site simple – one price, shipped for everyone.

      Since then, and partly thanks to you, we can now ship our newly-sized chart (which will fit in a uke case) pretty much anywhere. I think.

      Best regards,
      Fred from

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