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December 29, 2011 by Tim

A few weeks ago I added a ukulele events calendar. The idea was originally to have a place to put the Normal Ukulele Fun Jams that happen the first Saturday of every month in Normal, IL. When I figured it out and how to share it I decided to add all the other events that I find and know of. I thought about putting performances up also but figured it would get a little cluttered with all of Jake’s, Victora Vox, and the many other touring acts. If they hold a workshop I will post that. Also I am hoping that people who are going to put on ukulele events will look at it so they can make sure they are not planning their event over another that might compete with theirs.

You will find the Events Calendar in the Events tab at the top of the site, or by going to

I will trying to keep up with all the events as I find them, but please feel free to e-mail me any that are missing.


3 thoughts on “Ukulele Event Calendar

  1. Great idea… you are gonna need a BIG calendar!

  2. Richard Brown says:

    I just saw you’re in Normal. My wife’s from Bloomington! So when are you going to do a “Normal Ukulele” t- shirt? Do you know of any Normal t-shirts? I’ve looked, but it seems that folks there think the name of their town is… well, normal. The same is true of Peculiar, Mo. They think that’s normal.

    • Tim says:

      I am toying with the U.N. idea (Ukulele Normal)
      with a UN flag with a uke in the middle.
      or saying stuff like
      Just a couple ideas

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