Going Acoustic Video Challenge


January 4, 2012 by Tim

The contest is DONE!! 162 entities!! Winner will be announced soon.

Here is link to all but 1 entry

Welcome one and all the first video contest that has ever held, and like many other things it is being done a little differently.

Small Rule Change

The premise is simple; take a classically electric song (Guitar, Keyboard, violin, digiereedo…) and do it on an acoustic uke. Simple right?

  1. You can use as many instruments as you like, the acoustic uke has to be the prominent instrument
  2. Any style (Blues, rock, country, metal, punk, hip-hop…)
  3. Sung, instrumental, mimed, signed…..
  4. You can enter as many songs as you like, with as many people as you like
  5. Either say, have a sign that says, or some nice intro screen  “ Acoustic Challenge 2012”
  6. Enter by Posting your video Here, it is on’s Forum *This CHANGED Jan 11,2012
  7. Submitted by February 14, 2012 midnight Central Time
  8. everyone can enter, if you live in the CONUS I pay shipping. Outside of that we split it.

Yes I will judge you, along with some other people that I deem impartial. THIS IS NOT A POPULARITY CONTEST. It does not matter how many views you have or how “cool” you might be. We are going to choose the best video based on song, composition, video editing, and all that jazz. A simple video is nice if done well. Be creative, lively, and just have fun.

One Grand prize winner wins: Eleuke acoustic (EAS-C), Kala Round-about amp, Zoom A2.1U Acoustic Pedal, Cooper Stand, G7th Ukulele Capo. Worth roughly $550 US

What about the losers? Sorry I mean runners up. What do you get? I always feel bad for those that put their hearts and souls into videos and go away empty handed. So everyone else will be entered into a random drawing (1 Entry per song) for the other Eleuke acoustic…and a ton of other things like other stands and cases, shirts, and things I may get at NAMM 2012.

Go crazy and spread the word.

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21 thoughts on “ Going Acoustic Video Challenge

  1. Sean says:

    Sounds great! I will definitely be entering!

  2. Great idea for a contest… makes me go hhmmmmm. 🙂

  3. ukulefty says:

    Oooh a contest! And those prizes! 🙂 Time to start thinking….

  4. I only can dream about it. I got my 1st (and only so far) Uke on Dec. 22. and having never so much as touched a musical instrument in my 52years of existence, people would be running screaming towards the hills.
    Maybe Next year something great will come along and I am able to play a little bit!!!

  5. jimbeau says:

    @William Kelly — If you don’t enter, you’ve already lost. so what else could go wrong?

  6. Awesome contest and I’m loving the entries so far.

  7. […] as I’ve bought myself an Eleuke, Tim from Ukeeku dot com goes and throws up an acoustic video challenge! The criteria being that you take a […]

  8. Melissa says:

    Oh gosh! I’ve never made a ukulele video before but I think I might try to work up some nerve for this! xo

    ps – Thank you for the informative reviews – that is why I am here and finding your blog today. 🙂

  9. ukulefty says:

    Ahhh. Time is quickly slipping away. I must try and get a second entry filmed before the closing date!!

  10. wolfybau says:

    here is my entry, hope everybody enjoys it 🙂 ~ Alice aka Wolfybau

  11. Scott says:

    You know quite well I’ve only got about a month of experience, but I’m finally working on some videos (hopefully at least 2). We’ll see how it goes.

  12. Scott says:

    2 of my entries are missing from your “compilation” link. I submitted 3, only one is a part of that. I think it might be because I used vimeo for the other 2 and only youtube for one.

  13. ukulefty says:

    Just finished watching all the entries. Not in one hit, been trying to keep up since the start but fell way behind as the entries rolled in thick. Loved this competition and there were some amazing, well thought out and filmed videos for sure! Thanks for hosting such a cool contest!

  14. […] performed an acoustic version of Alice Cooper’s Poison and entered it into’s Accoustic Challenge 2012.  Will we win????  Here’s the video – filmed by Julian Miller – plus some […]

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