2013 Family Photo


January 1, 2013 by Tim


The Line-up (*=Personal Collection)

Top: *Oscar Schmidt OU-2 Custom,* Kanile’a K-1T Premium 8-string, *David Gill aromatic cedar tenor fluke, Kala KA-T with bling.
Middle: *Boat Paddle 12-fret Custom, *David Gill concert pineapple, Fishuku soprano, *Ohana SK-21
Bottom: *Papa’s Boxes cigar box kit, *Flea market banjo uke, *Papa’s Boxes concert kit, Lanikai 6” banjo uke, Lag U44C, Makai LK 80J, Makai LC80R

Another year has come and past, and with that many ukes have come and past. I have been absent a good part of this year, and I could bore you with why, but it comes down to needing to regroup after a few rough reviews and also taking on a few other projects in the ukulele world. I am back now and have a few really fun things lined up, so keep your eyes peeled for more content besides reviews.

Wish you and yours a great new year.

6 thoughts on “2013 Family Photo

  1. P. Boyer says:

    Nice looking family. Most look like you, but a few of them don’t. Happy New Year.
    Not sure what you mean about “a couple of rough posts”. I think you do an admirable job and I missed the frequency of your reviews.

  2. Ukuloonie says:

    I always look forward to your reviews, they are pretty informative, you give us the unvarnished truth and tell us what is what.
    Thanks mate.

  3. Obviously adopted into a loving family…

  4. joyce davis says:

    i echo ukuloonies remarks completely! happy new year and thanks for 2012!!

  5. Jon Duncan says:

    Thanks Tim for such a great site and your insightful observations.

  6. Bonita Jerry says:

    A big thank you for all that you do to contribute to the UKULELE community.

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