January 23, 2013 by Tim


While I sit in the airport getting ready to board for the first leg of my trip I decided that I should kick of my NAMM 2013 coverage with what I am look forward to and my plan of attack.

  • What I am hoping to see
    • Eastman Guitars is jumping into the ukulele world. Hoping they bring as much to the uke as they do to their guitars.
    • The Martin Iz ukulele- it’s a uke based on Iz’s uke that he played on many of his albums. I guess his wife has signed the label?
    • Godin Guitars has a ukulele now. I have played the chambered guitars and it looks like they are using the same technology to make ukuleles. With all the controls on top and everything.
    • The Beard Reso-ukes. Saw one last year at the Gold Tone booth. Hoping he is still making them.
    • Bill Tapia – Really hoping that he knew about this before he died and they are not just using his name
    • Blue Nessie- Blue Mics new consumer mic that is made to make you sound better.
    • Cordoba – I have heard they have a Pepe Romero designed uke? If so that should be really interesting
    • Gretch – They have 5 new ukes this year, including a camp uke!
    • Peavey – Have heard rumors they have a ukulele, we shall see…
    • Kamaka bass – Not sure if it is true, but I hope it is.
    • Lanikai – I know what is new from my friends who are demoing, but not sure I should say. All I can say is that it will be one of the first to do it with a ukulele.
    • Beside that I will run into tons of things I don’t know about.
    • Also looking for the Jim Beam uke?
    • The plan
      • Photo dumps at lunch and dinner, with thoughts later on.
      • I will try my smartphone and see what highlights I can post.

Last year on the first day I walked 11 miles on the first day (I had a pedometer on) and by the end of the day I was toast. I will make sure to take pictures of the jams and concerts to.

Hold on tight and we shall see how this goes.

6 thoughts on “NAMM HERE I COME

  1. Uncle E says:

    Steal me a kamaka concert with pickup, wouldja?

  2. Phredd says:

    Looking forward to following your coverage!

  3. Tim says:

    Have a great time Tim.

  4. William or Rebecca Thompson says:

    Hi Tim, Do you know Dale Webb of Flea/Fluke fame? They are revealing a new instrument at the show. It will be the first viewing of the new model of the S for short 8543A as well. The fellow who makes PEGHEDS–Chuck Herin– will be theresharing a booth with someone else. I await your reviews. Bill Thompson

  5. Have fun!- I hope to get there some day-

  6. joyce davis says:

    i’ll live vicariouly through u!!

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