Outdoor Ukulele (Formally the Plastic Uke on kickstarter) is a GO


April 3, 2013 by Tim


Last August I reported on a KickStarter project to make a plastic ukulele (Link HERE) Well it looks like it is a go and they are taking pre-orders!! $100 + Shipping, with a shipping date of April 22, 2013

Go here to get one before the list is too long. I already have mine on order.

7 thoughts on “Outdoor Ukulele (Formally the Plastic Uke on kickstarter) is a GO

  1. Higuchi, Rodney says:

    Thanks for the heads up.

    I tried ordering one, but it didn’t want to accept my Visa Debit card (?).

    I contacted Tim by email so I hope I can still order one and perhaps pay by PayPal.

    Uncle Rod Higuchi
    [Violin-shaped UKULELE]

  2. Kurt Siegel (ksiegel on UU) says:

    Just ordered one, it took the visa debit card no problem.

    What I don’t like is there is no order number on the receipt, and the text is a graphic that didn’t print, so I had to do a cut ‘n paste into my word processor.

  3. Kurt Siegel (ksiegel on UU) says:

    OK – email acknowledgement had an order number. I am # 34.


  4. Chuck Proesel says:

    I ordered today and did not see an order number anywhere, and I did not get an email acknowledgement.


  5. Higuchi, Rodney says:

    I’d go for the song circle… ☺

  6. Joe Taga says:

    Hi Jennifer

    I’ll take the first scenario 2B tuners & Nygut strings. Can wait to get my old fingers on the Outdoor Ukulele!

    ref: order # 250
    Joe Taga

    P.S. Please notifiy me the shipping date.

  7. T.Torres says:

    I’m buying it. How much for 2 of them?

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