Family Photo 2011


January 1, 2011 by Tim

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! And what a year!
Just like last year I am posting all the ukes that are at my house currently. Some are my personal ukes, while others are reviews pending or have not been sent back or given away…..yet.

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From Left to right by row: (* if I own it)
* The blue one is my customized Oscar Schmidt OU-2
* David Gill Concert Pineapple (Link to review)
* Lanikai CK-S
Eleuke EAS-C – I actually have 2 of these, funny story that I will tell later
Kiwaya KS-1
BigIsland KT-SP (Link to review)
*Papa’s Boxes Concert cigar box (Link to reviews)
*Nameless soprano banjo ukulele (Link to articles)
*Bushman Jenny Concert cutaway – Will be leaving next month, she is sold
Paulele KBUS – Review almost done
Kala KA-SSTU (Travel soprano)
* Makala Dolphin that I got for the Reddit secret santa
* Early Papa’s Boxes cigar box uke (Link)
* Grizzly Kit- will throw in fire at UWC
* Risa soprano Solid – Sitting in front of the lat 3
Cordoba 25CB – Review very soon
Ohana SK-21 – better known as the sopranino
Cordoba 10CM (Link to review)
aNueNue Papa II concert (Link to review)
Hope to meet and hear from all of you in the next year.


2 thoughts on “Family Photo 2011

  1. ck says:

    Sweet! What is the story behind the two Eleuke EAS-C and do you have a formal review on it?

  2. Tim Szerlong says:

    First one I got was damaged in shipping so I sent it back and they sent a replacemnt. 2 weeks later I recieve another package with the first one repaired, so when I review the second one and the Ohana they sent I will send one back and the other will be a give-a-way. The review is coming soon, I am shooting for before January 12

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